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A little over a week ago we had the Portland Bloggers 'Strike a Pose' meetup event.  And let me tell you, it was AWESOME!

We met up at Jillian Rabe's The Space in the Pearl District in order to host a giant collaboration between Portland based photographers, stylists, jewelers, a makeup stylist and all kinds of bloggers.  Each blogger had the opportunity to be photographed by an area photographer with stylist on hand to learn little tips and tricks for best practices when photographing for their own blogs.

Looking around at everyone's blogs in the wake of this amazing day it looks as though everyone had a great time and came away with some beautiful head shots!  Jenni, Bee, Suzannah and myself put a LOT of work into this event, so it makes my heart happy that it all came together so wonderfully.

I chose to be a 'fly on the wall' for this event and snapped some images of everyone enjoying the event and doing their thing.

 photo _MG_7097_zpsf543ce98.jpg
Susannah from Simple Moments Stick

 photo _MG_7050_zps74fcd265.jpg
The details of Jade Rose's outfit
 photo _MG_7000_zps04090c7a.jpg
Margaret Jacobsen walking with her team of bloggers to photograph
 photo _MG_6963_zpsf93558dc.jpg
Alison Murray doing her thang!
 photo _MG_6960_zps6c42ec8a.jpg
 photo _MG_6905_zps0acceef7.jpg
Jenn Pfaus: Photographer
Jade Rose: Stylist
Kayla Moothart: Blogger and model extraordinaire
 photo _MG_6877_zpsb26cf934.jpg
Marina Mcavoy pretty-ing everyone up.
 photo _MG_6801_zps712f77fe.jpg
 photo _MG_6785_zpsc6dc4787.jpg
 photo _MG_6784_zps66499fc1.jpg
The Boho Mama checking everyone in.
 photo _MG_6779_zps7762b629.jpg
The adorable Kira chatting it up
 photo _MG_67612_zpsd306aa17.jpg
 photo _MG_6750_zps2ea1231b.jpg
 photo _MG_6749_zps8891e053.jpg
Beauties from GlassCast
 photo _MG_6734_zps7bdde20b.jpg
Amazing munchies donated by Elephants Delicatessen

A big thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors. Each of these companies/individuals/blogs contributed in making the Portland Bloggers' Strike a Pose event successful and affordable. 

 photo jrlogo_zps8c743238.jpg  Alex Lianopoulos Photography  Murray Photography  Allegra Villella  Linnea Paulina Photography Margaret Jacobsen Photography  Motormouth Studios  Pfaus Photography  photo blackandwhite_circle_200_zps65952f2d.jpg  photo jaderoselogo_zps92d50a39.jpg  photo papermorning_zps1acc57b0.png  photo thelittlethings2_zpsaa18d792.jpg  photo ChloeandIsabel_zps8d4d1a16.jpg  photo GlassCast_zpsf053ed86.jpeg  photo marinalogo_zpsf486aff9.jpg  photo Elephants_Logo_zps36c01d10.jpg  photo url_zps148c197e.jpeg  photo adventuresindressmakinglogo_zps2633a815.jpg  photo thespicybeelogo_zpsa56f663a.jpg  photo Kaylasbuttonforonline-1_zps4961aadf.jpg  photo Awellcraftedpartybutton_zps8584b6f5.jpeg  photo thebohomama_zpsc5bde9f7.jpg

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