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Everyone meet Bee.  Bee is a Portland based foodie blogger (see her website, The Spicy Bee here), a beautiful spirit and someone I am blessed to call friend.  Yesterday she and I met up with another blogger friend to have coffee and chat about life, love and blogging (and then try out a new yoga studio - post on this to come soon!).  I've been meaning to snap a few head shots for her, and the timing worked out to grab some in between coffee and yoga.

Head shots can be a difficult thing to photograph.  Depending on what the individual is intending them for they can range from very professional and shot in-studio to relaxed and natural outdoors.  As a natural light and location based photographer (who loves lifestyle portraiture), my best sessions are always more relaxed and personal, allowing the true spirit of a person to shine through.


Every client is approached differently and it's impossible for me to predict exactly how a shoot is going to run.  Some individuals need more direction than others, and some just naturally seem to know what to do.  I'm comfortable working with either, and truly don't have a preference either way.


With Bee's shoot I told her where to stand, knowing that I wanted the color of the brick building and the full green shrubbery to show through, but be soft in the background.  Other than that I gave her very little direction other than look here, or turn your shoulder just so.


My favorite images from Bee's session are her laughing pics.  I have this trick where I hold the camera to my eye and just wait.  Everyone reacts differently, but Bee reacted just as I hoped she would.  She gave me a "perfect" smile then felt completely awkward and broke out in giggles.  I'd skip taking the "perfect" smile photo and snap a few during her laugh.  This allowed me to capture her unique charm and photograph the real Bee.


Thanks again Bee for being perfectly and wonderfully you!

Are you in need of updated head shots?  Contact me and let's plan a session!

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